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Termites Pest Control Company In Dubai

Termites Pest Control

Termites Pest Control in Dubai and Sharjah

Termites infestation or communities are one of the biggest pest control problems in Dubai and across other emirates. They can pose serious threats to any property, be it your home or office, or industrial property.

Termites are small, winged insects that live in colonies underground. These colonies can contain up to several million termites, and they can do a lot of damage to your home if they’re not controlled.

Termites feed on wood, and they can quickly eat through the support beams of your house. They can also cause damage to your walls and floors. If you think you have a termite problem, the best thing to do is to contact a Dubai Muncipality certified professional pest control company, who will be able to identify the problem and get rid of the termites before they cause any more damage.

If you are experiencing termite infestation issues at your home or office, take an immediate action by booking our termite control treatments. Pestzilla is a leading preventive and reactive pest control company in Dubai and Sharjah that deftly handles termite infestation issues for immediate and prolonged safety. All termite treatments offered by Pestzilla come with either a 5 or 10-year warranty.

Termites Pest Control
Termites Pest Control in Dubai and Sharjah

Pestzilla is highly experienced in treating termites pest infestation and provides corresponding solutions in Dubai and Sharjah. Our team of highly trained pest control technicians first examine the type of termite infestation and use several internal and external termite control procedures like following trails and identifying key sources of infestation. We offer both, pre-construction and post-construction termite treatments for all kinds of properties.

Once the inspection of the severity of termite infestation is identified, our pest control team implements necessary pest control actions using several techniques like baits, barriers, and liquid chemicals treatment controls to not only exterminate the termite infestation, but also destroying any nests or originating sources.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Termite Problem In Your Home or Office?

One of the most destructive pests that can invade your home is the termite. These small insects are adept at tunneling through wood, and they can quickly cause extensive damage to your home’s structural integrity. If you suspect that you have a termite problem, there are several signs to look for.

One of the most obvious is the presence of winged insects in or around your home. These are termites that have reached maturity and are looking for a place to start their own colony. Another telltale sign of a termite infestation is the presence of mud tubes on the outside of your home. These tubes are used by termites to travel between their nest and their food source, and they are a sure sign that these pests are present. If you see any of these signs, it’s important to contact a termites pest control company in Dubai as soon as possible to get rid of the problem before it causes serious damage to your home.

Property owners who discover termites on their property often wonder what treatment options are available to them. There are three main types of termite treatment: baits, barriers, and liquid chemicals. Baiting systems use slow-acting DM approved chemicals to attract and kill termites. The chemical is typically spread throughout the yard, and the termites carry it back to their nests, where it can kill the entire colony.

Barriers can be made from a variety of materials, including concrete, metal, and plastic. These barriers are placed around the perimeter of the home, preventing termites from getting inside. Liquid chemicals are applied directly to the soil around the foundation of the house and injected into wooden doors. They work by either killing termites on contact or repelling them from the area. You should consult with a DM approved pest control company to determine which type of treatment is best for their situation.

Once the treatment is concluded, a detailed termite control treatment report is presented along with future preventive proposed actions.

For complete extermination of termite infestation pests and giving your home or office a safer environment, book Pestzilla’s Pest Control Services now. You can call us at 055 374 0552, or alternatively book directly through our industry leading online booking form.

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Best Termites Pest Control Company in Dubai

Termite infestation is a very common and arduous pest problem found around apartments, villas, offices and other industries in Dubai and Sharjah. With Pestzilla’s expert pest control management service, you won’t have to worry about Termite infestations again!

  • Up to 10-year warranty
  • 1 visit guaranteed post-treatment after 15 days if problem persists
  • Rapid effective treatment and complete safety for your home and office
  • Usage of only DM approved bio-safe pest control solutions
  • Premium quality pest control company

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Your Home for Termites?

Termites are small, hard-working insects that can cause big problems for homeowners. These pests feed on wood, and if left untreated, they can quickly damage the structural integrity of a house. In addition to eating wood, termites also create tunnels through which they travel from one area to another. These tunnels can weaken the walls and floors of a home, making it more susceptible to collapse. If you suspect that your home has termites, it is important to contact a termites pest control professional right away. With prompt treatment, you can protect your home from these destructive pests.

Now that you know a little more about these pesky critters and the damage they can wreak on your home, you might be wondering what to do next. If you think you might have a termite problem, the best thing to do is reach out to us at Pestzilla. Our team of Dubai Municipality approved termites pest control technicians will come out to your property and provide a complimentary inspection. If we find evidence of termites, we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your budget and needs. So don’t wait – if you think termites might be eating away at your home, give us a call today.